Sunset in Kyoto

Limited Edition


Extrait de Parfum

It’s December and Japanese vibes come to Jinkoh Store, because I chose this month for my Japanese themed scents! Most of you already know that something has been cooking up, and yepp you’are right, Sunset in Kyoto is here! What’s this all about? Long story short, I managed to recreate the smell of high end grade incense sticks in a perfume. People who use top quality Japanese incense like Yamadamatsu, Baieido, Shoyeido or Dr. Incense, they know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about that kinamic kind of smell but from incense sticks, and most importantly with zero smoke, yepp you heard it right, zero smookyness from this.
So, I blended high grade Hainanese agarwood with wild Vietnamese kyara resinoid home extracted in a way to achieve this amazing smell of “rakoku/sasora” kind of incense sticks. I made the resinoid by solvent extraction from my personal stash of wild Nha Trang real kyara, sinking grade Nha Trang and also cultivated sinking Nha Trang. The solvent/alcohol and any water content was filter vacuumed to create a resin like material. On top of that, I added a trace of finest blue lotus absolute. To make the blend even more refined and to achieve even more a kyara feeling, I used home extracted high altitude Woolong Milk Tea. These amazing tea leaves are a mix of black tea and milk taste/smell without using any real milk. The sweet kyara resin, and etheral notes of milk and black tea with subtle narcotic, zen blue lotus resulted in a top quality incense stick smell. Let me know if I succeeded!

Enjoy the scent that ancient Japan’s aristocracy experienced during the incense ceremony !!!

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