Thichila ติชิลา 

Dancing in the moonlight
Lost in the night of seduction
Tribute to dark shadows

Based on a traditional Thai oriental incense floral style it is blended with South East Asian flowers, incense, resins, spices, sacred woods and Thai oud.

Wan Sao Lhong is the main star. In Thai folklore it is said it could be used to prepare an enchanted love potion.


Saffron, Borneol, Kaffir Lime, Jasmine Sambac absolute, Champaca, Gardenia, Tuberose India, Myrrh, Incense, Amber, Styrax, Rose,Tumeric, Spikenard, Nutmeg, Civet, Oud from Thailand, Sandalwood Mysore, Vetyver Indonesia, Cinnamon bark, Wan Sao Lhong ( Amomum Biflorum Jack)

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