Vetiver Nocturne Absolu


Vetiver Nocturne Absolu

Extrait de Parfum (25 – 30%)

Top notes: Indonesian Vetiver, Neroli
Heart notes: Indian Vetiver, Jasmin Sambac, Champaca Flowers and Leaves infused in Sandalwood oil
Base notes: Bengalian Sandalwood, Indonesian Sandalwood, Grey, and White Amber, Oakmoss, Sweet Oud from Trat, Myrrh


Vetiver Nocturne Absolu takes the majesty of the original Vetiver Nocturne to a new and intensified level. This uncompromisingly regal and mysterious creation is rich, enticing and captivating.

The earthy, green and complex scent of vetiver is blended with the highest quality supporting ingredients for a perfume which redefines this well know fragrance note and frames it in a way that elevates it to the resplendent position which it truly merits.

The long-cherished beauty of neroli provides a burst of freshness in the opening. Indonesian and Indian Vetiver combine for a tantalizingly rich and naturalistic accord. Jasmine Sambac in the heart of the scent is combined with the unique addition of sandalwood oil which has been infused with Champaca flowers and leaves. In the base of the scent, smooth and luxurious Bengalian and Indian sandalwood meet grey and white amber and oakmoss for a classic foundation. The exotic sensuousness of sweet oud from Trat blends with precious myrrh to provide an intriguingly dark and opulent undertone.

The meticulous search for the perfect ingredients and the painstaking distillation processes used by perfumer Dmitry Bortnikoff means that, like the original Vetiver Nocturne, this fragrance will surprise and amaze those who felt that they had understood all that vetiver has to offer. Furnished with the ideal surrounding accords, this long-established perfume ingredient now reveals hitherto undiscovered facets of its complex olfactory personality.

This is a highly concentrated Extrait de Parfum which has great tenacity and will evolve through many delightfully rewarding stages of development. Take your experience of vetiver to the next level with Vetiver Nocturne Absolu.

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