Yellow Kinam


We have offered installments of extraits featuring different flavors of kinam. To date: white (Kinam Attar), red (Khmer Kinam), green (Green Kyara), and purple (Kinam Urjuani).
They were all built around different in-house Agar Aura oud distillations.

For the *PERFECT* yellow kinam aroma, I would need agarwood from Hainan. And I insist on distilling only wild agarwood. The scarcity, cost, and logistics rendered an in-house wild Hainanese agarwood distillation it unfeasible.

In the end, I opted for a wild Hainan oud oil that a Chinese gentleman crafted many years ago and insisted that I try. I was reluctant, given my high standards.
But when I tried it… I was sold.
I knew I had found the perfect oud oil for making Yellow Kinam.

Whereas all flavors of kinam wood display some form of floral / honeyed aroma, yellow kinam is easily the most floral of them all. It’s not like any specific flower, it’s more pollen-y, honeyed, and something akin to the sweet floral aroma you would encounter during a summer stroll in a prairie with wildflowers.

The perfect backdrop for this floral aspect is the betel-nutty bittersweetness of Hainanese agarwood (if you don’t know what that’s like, think cacao nibs without the chocolatey aroma), and the tannic bite of a well-steeped Orange Pekoe tea.  Some of you have already tried some of our unreleased kinamic oud oils with a brazen yellow kinam flavor. If you’re wondering why I didn’t use any of those oils for crafting this perfume, one whiff of the Hainan backbone will convince you why the oud here had to be Hainanese.

Honeyed-floral, zesty bittersweet tea-like and woody, cooling, peppery-spicy, and with just the right amount of milky-vanillic creaminess, this perfume is the perfect representation of the most dynamic and complex kinam, yellow. Our strong tea tincture serves as the base for the spray, ensuring a wholesome and complete yellow kinam experience with aromatic high peaks and deep valleys.

If you haven’t tried our previous Kinam / Kyara fragrances, you owe it to your nose to experience Yellow Kinam. If you’ve already obtained the four previous installments, Yellow Kinam will be a welcome addition to your color palette.

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