Agar Parisien


Western perfumery is synonymous with French perfumery. But when you compare modern western perfumes to the vintage classics like the original Chypre by Coty or Guerlain’s Jicky, you do notice the resemblances but the experience is something different altogether.

With over a dozen vintage French perfume recipes referred to – some even older than the classic vintage French genres – Agar Parisien was in fact formulated to resemble modern French perfumes, where the lines dividing the different genres are blurred.
But although it is modern in its merging of genres, the use of high quality natural and now seldom-used ingredients gives it a sparkle which you only find in goldie oldies.

Top notes of rose, bergamot and grapefruit meld right into the warm heart of Peru balsam and our very own extracts of intoxicating absinthe and sensual coumarin (those who know the vintage differentiation between coumarin and tonka will likely appreciate this the most).

Oud, although typically considered a base note, is ever-present right from the get go. Using one of our future-release wild Thai ouds, the entire scent palette of this perfume was built around it while avoiding ‘challenging’ notes or any elements that clash with western perfumery structures. Cedar, oud, and the most amazing foresty oakmoss sing their soothing notes into the drydown.

Genuine coumarin extract. Irish ambergris. Wild oud…
Some of the many precious materials used in this concoction.

No synthetics, only high-quality natural materials.

Western perfumery just got a makeover.

Salient notes: oud, chypre, fougère

Note: Agar Parisien contains a hefty dose of oakmoss. If you are allergic to it, you may want to avoid this perfume.

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