Neriko refers to Japanese kneaded incense. In ancient Japan, neriko was used by aristocrats and government officials to scent their sleeves. Our Neriko attar is a tribute to one of the most ancient documented uses of agarwood in the Japanese tradition.

Neriko was traditionally prepared in a base of plum flesh or honey, with a carefully balanced blend of woods, spices and herbs. After rolling the mixture into little pellets, it was buried underground for several years to mature.
Neriko is never ignited or burned directly on charcoal. Rather, it is gently heated to release its characteristic creamy sweet aroma.

True to the neriko flavor of yesteryears, our Neriko features buttery smooth notes of Mysore sandalwood juxtaposed against the rugged oudiness of wild Indo-Chinese oud. Delectable heart notes of plums and apricots give it an irresistible allure, and traditional spices both ground it and give it an uplifting quality.

Delicate, refined and luxurious, Neriko is the scent of medieval Kyoto’s royalty.

Salient notes: oud, sandalwood

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