Agar Attar


Agar Attar is what ‘oud perfume’ ought to smell like.
Ouds from various regions of the oud producing world were blended with precision with the aim of allowing every oud profile to play a role in the symphony, without any erratic notes jutting out or awkward transitions as the scent evolves on your skin.

If you have yet to experience real, well-distilled, high quality, high-grade oud oil (and your only reference to oud is what’s called ‘oud’ in mainstream perfumery) prepare to be amazed.

Boasting the most diverse array of aromatic compounds of any natural substance, oud is NOT a perfumery ‘note’ as it has been reduced to in mainstream perfumery. Nay, oud by its very nature is a complete perfume, nature’s very own work of art. And Agar Attar is a summation of the oud experience. See more in the description section below.

Salient notes: various ouds

Notes breakdown (note: if you’re new to real oud, consider this your crash-course cheat sheet):
• 7Up, cola, pepper and strawberry: West Malaysian
• Umami & oceanic & breezy: island oud species (Borneo, Sri Lanka, et al)
• Patchouli-like jungly green with milk and mint: South Kalimantan (Borneo)
• Vanilla and milk and mint: Brunei & Vietnam
• Plum & fig & pipe tobacco: Cambodia and Thailand
• Sweet spices & hay & leather & fleshy plums: India
• Tangerine creamsicle with vanilla & cinnamon: Brunei / North Kalimantan / Sabah (Borneo)
• Bittersweet rugged wood & herbs & tea: China / Laos / Myanmar
• Dry woody & jungly green & earth: Papua

These are listed in no particular order, as different skins will reveal the various notes in different sequences.

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