Oud and rose. A combination that’s quite common and yet most perfumes that utilize it fall short in doing it justice.

Our Layali featured oud and rose, and the sheer quality of its ingredients put it in a category of its own. But in crafting Layali, the aim was to bring out the notes already present in the oud oils that were used in the blend. Rose was only a secondary ingredient.

Al-Jazzab, on the other hand, is cloud nine for rose lovers.
The crisp alluring fragrance of Bulgarian rose otto dominates the opening, and permeates through the heart and base of the fragrance. The careful mix of different rose oils ensures a very rich rosiness that is present from start to finish.

In this reformulation of Al-Jazzab, no less than five wild-harvested oud oils from different countries were used. The careful marrying of these oud oils alone bequeathed it a remarkably complete perfuminess, and the healthy dose of rose further enhances that. Accents of black pepper, leather and smoke gives it a warmth that vividly contrasts with the crisp top notes of rose and camphor.

Dab some on and go for a stroll. Prepare to experience the Pied Piper phenomenon first-hand.

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