Amalur Imperiale


Extrait de Parfum (25% concentration)

Very limited quantity available.

Amalur is Basque for “mother earth”. The name was chosen because it has elements from different corners of the earth.

Amalur is a resinous, oudy, incensey, spicy, heavy oriental chypre and an incredibly complex all-natural perfume.

It has incredible sillage, longevity, and compexity.

Note breakdown:
Top notes: saffron, lime, lemon, bergamot, yuzu

Middle notes: Frangipani absolute, Turkish rose, tuberose absolute, jasmine grandiflorum, osmanuthus, tobacco, tonka bean absolute, honey absolute, cognac, jasmine sambac

Base notes: Handmade Moroccan labdanum resinoid, Deer musk maceration in Hindi oud, Madagascan vanilla, patchouli, vetiver, benzoin, cedarwood, frankincense, Cambodian thaqeel oud, immortelle, oakmoss, ambergris, hyrax, natural leather accord

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