Find Me In The Dark


Exclusive Blend Line
Limited Edition

Extrait de Parfum

“On an autumn night, your best friend calls you at 3 in the morning and ask you to join him. After a few hours of drive, you follow him to a very strange place. It’s cold, rainy and the only light comes from your car, even the moon is hidden behind a thick fog. He asks you to help him dig in the dark and make the overwhelming discovery of what is rooted in the damp soil. Suddenly, you just realize that you are alone with this earthy potion resting in a solid bottle. Spray it and finish the story yourself… Each cap is handcrafted by a Romanian artist, made from a 100 year old Romanian walnut tree. A lot of dedication and precious hours of work were spent to give each lid a unique aspect reflecting the brief of this 100% natural perfume.Due to the high amount of oakmoss, we recommend to do a patch test before using. If your skin is sensible, gently wash with lukewarm water and soap then apply only on clothing. Top Notes: Blackberry, Grapes Heart Notes: Cypriol, Angelica Flower, AmyrisBase Notes: Oakmoss, Dark Patchouli, Fir Balsam”

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