Iris Ghalia


‘Ghalia’ traditionally denotes Royalty. Perfume made for kings and caliphs, where no expense is spared. Although I’ve added an Oud Man’s iris-inspired, blue lotus-heavy, drunk-on-too-much-musk twist to this revered tradition, Iris Ghalia lives up to this royal legacy ten times over.

No expenses spared, months and months of revision, tweaking, and back to the drawing board, and all of Earth’s most precious aromatics, bottled and showcased in our new EO presentation.

The savory sweetness of blackcurrant lavished with violet and peach is tempered by desert spices, vintage bakul attar, carnation, and Himalayan costus root.

Generous doses of orris butter and creamy olde Mysore punctuate each chord that went into the composition, each one uniquely supported by the cast of deer musk and ambergris. Each chord was designed like a movement in a grand symphony, with rare flowers & animalics supporting the irises.

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