American Pharoah II

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“I have to admit, I was always surprised that American Pharaoh became the cult classic it did. To me, I’ve always viewed it as an extremely divisive perfume, you either love it, or you hate it.

This new edition of American Pahraoh II is a re-mix, cranking up the volume on  everything folks love about American Pharaoh.

Double up on deer musk.

More Black Ambergris.

More Cherry.

More concentration.

And this time around, shroud it in Chocolate.

The triple crown winner. Cherry-laced whiskey, tobacco-laced orris and musk-laced chocolate.

Hand made with Michigan cherry-wine absolute, Mexican vanilla, black ambergris/sandalwood co-absolute, North American muskrat musk, rose damask absolute, Mongolian deer musk, Virginian tobacco absolute, Virginian cedar absolute, vintage musk ambrette and Carolina reaper CO2.” —Folkwinds

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