Extrait de Parfum

After 2+ years from the first release of Apurikotto, Jinkoh Store succeeded to bring this amazing blend back to life, and this time in a spray format! The batch is a very limited batch because they couldn’t gather more of this amazing natural apricot extract. Regarding the scent, Jinkoh Store did some tweaks and the overall composition is it’s even better now with a better performance, especially longevity wise.

The main component is again is an amazing fresh and juicy apricot, you really feel as if you took a bite of the fruit. The change comes in the base, in VI I used Andaman (their first official JS release, a South Thai oil), in V2 they decided to use the amazing Kedah V2. Yes, you heard it right, they used a high grade purple kinamic oud which represents 35% of the blend. Significant amounts of oud went into this perfume! 85-90% of the blend is still the same because Kedah is also made of rostrata species, same as Andaman. They also used two big pieces of grey and white ambergris melted directly into the blend, without tincturing. In order to match the overall accord of summery resinous cola and juicy apricot they used some other ingredients in tiny amounts which will stay as the “secret sauce” for this fragrance. Enjoy this incredibly phenomenal fragrance as the perfumer has poured his heart into it…

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