Sunset in Grasse


Extrait de Parfum

Sunset in Grasse is for lovers of vintage perfumes with a modern twist; an enchanting vintage chypre fougére notes with modern, smooth florals and animalic notes like musk, civet and ambergris crowned with a clean, green Malay malaccensis oud for an extra aromatic tanginess and unique touch.

Sunset in Grasse comes in a 30% concentration of top quality lavender essential oil and absolute obtained exclusively from lavender harvested from high altitudes, Mediterranean oakmoss absolute, Clary sage absolute, patchouli, labdanum, benzoin, Siam wood, vetiver, petrichor accord, Brazilian tonka bean absolute, Rose centifolia Otto and Rose de Mai C02, geranium, carnation, ylang-ylang, jasmine, genet, tuberose, German chamomile, bergamot and pink grapefruit, clean green malay oud, civet , musk and ambergris.

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