Fractal Flower



Fractal Flower: Kaleidoscope, the idea was to release a very classical floral composition that is a kaleidoscope of florals supplemented by the best natural and classical components, you name it, its there.

There is however, a catch, we did supply an accessory attar that is the complete opposite on the kaleidoscopic spectrum, made with modern floral perfumery high impact materials that showcase the development of perfumery over the last century, from the classical, to the extremely modern.

This attar comes as a small gift with the perfume, 0.5 ml of the attar with the 15 ml bottle and 1 ml of the attar with the 30 ml bottle.

Olfactory Description for the main perfume

Orange, peach, coriander, pepper, cloves, nutmeg

Violet, ylang ylang, Bulgarian rose, Egyptian jasmine, orange flower, neroli, iris, lotus

Benzoin, deer musk, Celtic ambergris, opoponax, orris, oakmoss

Olfactory description for Fractal flower 2

Orange, vetiver, white floral accord, sandalwood, cardamom, musk, ambergris, amber fossil

The perfume showcases a very modern printed colorful label which was very hard to design and manufacture due to the bright colors included in the design and the lotus flower cap was 3D printed by our same guys who did the Yan Huang Zisun cap, and hand painted one by one, an extremely labor intensive process for you to own a piece of the history of perfumes.

God willing, this perfume is going into the archives of the Osmotheque this summer, the largest and one of a kind French museum of rare perfumes in Versailles.

Enjoy the olfactory Kaleidoscope!

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