Babylon Ballad


Today we present to you our latest Ballad (No.10), Babylon, which centralizes labdanum, one of the most prized and earliest incenses of all time.

When we started to plan our ballads, we had many raw materials to consider, we wanted to showcase their beauty in new ways that were rarely done in modern perfumery. Labdanum was a bit of challenge to make central because usually in perfumery it is used as a fixative or a very slight trail of amber presence in the dry-down. Here it takes a larger role, central to Babylon, it is a very vivid costar. 

Labdanum here is laced in sweet orange and caraway, with patchouli, vetiver, oakmoss, and cedarwood.

Some floral elements support the composition without being central namely jasmine, geranium, and lavender.

The amount of work that went into this perfume is really tremendous, from the labels and tags to the caps. This project took about 6 months to complete.

The idea is giving you an olfactory sensation of the ancient Babylonian civilization, with the Ishtar gate both on the label and the cap made to the shape of Ishtar Gate, an iconic landmark from ancient Babylon, currently located in modern day Iraq. Unlike Yan Huang Zisuns’ 3D printed resin caps, Babylon’s cap is from solid zinc alloy and is a hefty one, a very nice decorative item on its own.

The surprise with Babylon is, it comes with an extra gift of an attar named Ishtar, 0.5 ml with 15 ml Babylon and 1 ml with 30 ml Babylon.

Ishtar attar continues the Babylonian olfactory experience with the ancient notes.

Spikenard, labdanum, anise, a whole lot of ambergris, oud, frankincense, bubbly cola, and a lot more)

Enjoy an olfactory trip to Babylon…

P.S.  Both compositions are independent and are not meant to be layered or anything, but in case you want to layer them, they will work nicely together.

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