Yan Huang Zisun


Today we are proud to present to you our third Chinese release, Yan Huang Zisun, an ode to Chinese winter.

When thinking about what perfume would be a presentation of the great Chinese civilization, it is paramount to be very aware of the culture to which one is trying to materialize into an aromatic experience. A lot if not all perfumes about China, or the Far East in general were spicy, herbal, agarwood-based, or sweet. Which got us into thinking about a more encompassing olfactory experience that can reflect the concept of Yan Huang Zisun, one of the most general concepts that embody the Chinese civilization. We concluded that no perfume released in history so far tackled Chinese winter.

Everything about this perfume is an art, the ingredients are so novel and innovative as well as their combination, fir balsam laced with camphor and orange, on a bed of the most beautiful Chinese cedar wood absolute and ambrette musk, all of the coming together by various rare frankincense extracts specifically chosen to amplify the winter experience.

The Chinese 3D printed pagodas for caps are an embodiment of Chinese architecture, and it took a great amount of time to approve and get right, making the whole Chinese experience as real as possible.

Please note that the fine details in the pagodas are extremely delicate and need to be handled with care to avoid breakage. Potential breakage in transit or customs for some of the very fine details in the cap is possible too, however, that would not affect the performance of the cap or how it looks overall. We will also wrap them as best we can as to avoid any potential breakages.

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