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The term Barbarian is chosen to embody a primal essence from a bygone era, representing a bold, untamed, and masculine fragrance derived from nature. The unique blend of Ethopian Civet and traditional Nagaland Oud creates a rare and distinctive aroma, combining powerful notes of hay, tobacco, faint bovine leather, and raw civet. A delicate floral touch intertwines with the scent, providing a harmonious finish.

The ongoing evolution of the civet powdery scent indicates a continuous development process, with the aging of the fragrance playing a crucial role in shaping its final olfactory profile. As the fragrance matures, it settles into a refined and sophisticated aroma. Zak showcases his mastery once again with a limited release of 50ml bottles of Barbarian, a scent that captivates with its pure essence of madness when experienced through a sensory journey.

Exclusive for Sealed Essence.

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