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Oudh Mukhallats


New mukhallats (oud blend fragrances):

3ml luxury mukhallats which are undiluted rare and precious essence perfume blends in stunning crystal attar bottles with glass applicators and weighted metal-domed caps. These mukhallats are original TRNP compositions incorporating premium natural ingredients.

AGURU: 2 varieties of wild Assam belt Hindi Oudh, cultivated Vietnamese Oudh, Saffron, Labdanum, Oakmoss, Mysore Sandalwood, Tobacco, Myrrh and Ambrette Seed.

EARTH & SKY: A meeting place between grounded reality and endless possibilities. Blue Lotus, Tuberose, Ginger Lily, Star Anise, Ginger CO2, 2 cultivated oudhs (Smooth Thai Floral & Sweet Herbal Spice Vietnamese), Mysore Sandalwood, Vanilla, Labdanum and Styrax absolute.

INDIAN ZEEBA: A pure undiluted blend of North Indian Rose Damascena, Bulgarian Rose, 25yr old Govt-Certified Mysore Sandalwood and Pure Hindi Oudh. Indian Zeeba is only for Oudh lovers, it is an intensely leathery barn-yard oudh mukhallat with very rare and precious companions in this blend. Only available in 3ml undiluted attar.

SACRED GROUND : The most expensive fragrance in my collection, this extraordinary blend contains a very large quantity of Tasmanian Boronia, creamy Australian Sandalwood from Western Australia and a sweeter, more floral Santalum from Far North Queensland, rare Blue Cypress from the Tiwi Islands, Honey Myrtle, Zen Path CO2 Hainan Oudh and Sweet Herbal Spice Vietnamese Oudh. It is an intense and magnificent tribute to the most precious fragrant essences of Australia with the addition of imported agarwood.

THE PATH: An evolution from Black Spruce, with a large quantity of wild Assam belt Hindi Oudh and cultivated Vietnamese Oudh, this beautifully bold balsamic will continue to mature over the years, deepening and extending its roots and branches just like the mighty trees from which its oils are derived. Black Spruce, Fir Needle, Elemi, Tolu Balsam, Styrax absolute, Texas Cedarwood, Labdanum, Oakmoss, Vetiver and the oudhs.

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