Oud Précieux Du Bengale


La Collection Noir

Extrait de Parfum

The Bangali Oud is known to be leathery and animalic. Our blend doesn’t help, with notes of leather and a most subtle blend of spices, we have brought out all the facets of this magnificent Natural Agarwood. Although its natural concentration is extremely high, we have added an artisanal blend of several woody notes to make it perfect. Attention! This perfume is extremely tenacious, it last arround 48 hours on skin and can last over a week on clothing. Please apply gently.

Top Notes: Leathery Eaglewood, Leather

Heart Notes: Black Oud (N&S Oud Blend), Spicy Accord, Animalic Notes

Base Note: Natural Agarwood (Bengladesh)


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