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The Oudh Experience that every perfume lover has been seeking, with over 30 rare and the finest of vintage oudh.

“There is so much to say here, but I will try to keep it brief and you can experience the passion, love, toils, quality and skill when you spoil your senses with Elevation.

I want to share this, whenever I have to open my oudh vault and pull out those gems that have gone through decades of aging, I know for a fact that these gems will never be replaced. I also know that those of you who love this art as much as I do, will appreciate every drop of Elevation and that makes it worthwhile. I know that for everyone of the 101 people who will be lucky enough to acquire a piece, Elevation will be the fragrance that you will wear knowing it is like the summit of Mt Everest, the pinnacle of Oudh experience. It is the one Oudh fragrance that you need, I wish I could have made more so more people could have enjoyed it.

To most perfume connoisseurs the Oudh world is an intriguing maze. So many options, avenues and alleys lie in the tradition of Oudh – from how Oudh is made, to how Oudh is enjoyed, with different regions, species and types of Oudh available. Nonetheless, it is a world many would love to dive into and explore. Fragrance aficionados yearn to be able to experience the best of Oudh firsthand without being caught up in the pit-falls.

Being a perfume lover first and perfumer second, I know perfume connoisseurs are in pursuit of the sublime experience that encapsulates the best of the best whilst seeking quality in their choice of fragrance…in their hunt for oudh, they want to hold an Oudh fragrance in their hand, knowing with complete confidence they possess a complete Oudh experience.

…and we have bottled just that. Composing an Oudh fragrance that captures the essence of the finest of rare Oudhs. Not just any Oudh, rather the rarest vintage Oudhs we have distilled over the decades; encapsulating over 30 unique Oudhs from every region of the Oudh-producing world in perfect synchronicity and harmony.
Kyara – Yes
Kynam – Yes
Samandari – Yes
Kalakassi – Yes
Philippines – Yes, 35years aged
Bhutan – Yes
Indonesian – Yes, 22years aged

the list goes on…

A’ulu means Elevation in Arabic, and that is exactly what we aimed to do. A composition that was a year in the making, our aim was to elevate your Oudh experience to another level.

In the modern perfumery scene Oudh is often referred to as a challenging ingredient, associated with the heavy note of leather, and animalic and barn genres. Elevation is here to shatter that perception and restructure your experience of Oudh. To amalgamate the facets of Oudh you love AND fill in the missing ones… those notes your mind was telling you should be in Oudh perfumes you had sampled, but weren’t able to find. Notes found in the rarest of Vietnamese gems, in Kyara, Samandari, and vintage Philippines that have been aged 4 decades.

Age plays a significant role in Oudh oils as well as perfumery in general, particularly natural perfumery which we specialise in. Elevation is perfection in every building block of the fragrance pyramid with Oudh as a star ingredient in the top, heart and base. Musk and Ambergris are there as carrier, combiner and diffuser to further your Oudh experience.

There are many oudh fragrances, however none of them come close, Elevation is here to take your oudh experience to the pinnacle of what is possible in fragrance artistry. A complete journey to the top of premium rare and aged oudhs, oudhs you have never smelt before, and are likely to never smell after this. Oudhs of yesteryear that smell not like leathers and animalics, but like aged fragrances, each single oudh utilise it a fragrant journey on its own, composed into a symphony orchestra of fragrant poetry and beauty.” —Alshareef Oudh

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