EO Black


“The opening is a smoke grenade of dark, earthy-incense high-altitude Maroke oud.

To capture a ‘smokey’ tone, perfumers typically go for birch tar, burnt frankincense, or the like. Of course, ‘smokey’ here doesn’t = incense chords or heavy oudy notes.

That’s why in those compositions, tar and acrid burnt notes dominate, and it’s why you’d inevitably fail to find a true smokey attar, where smokey = resinous incense vapor. Why you’d always end up with an echo of ash instead of deliciously heated agarwood chips.

Inspired by the oud attar Black Changho (sold out), EO Black doesn’t smell of ash or burnt-black gum. Instead, walls of resinous incense waft around you courtesy of artisanal Papuan oud steeped in vintage Timor sandalwood, finished with a splash of patchouli to compliment the earthy drydown.” –Ensar Oud

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