Borneo Zen

“A joy-joy-joyful waltz along the Turkish rose-petaled riverside, beneath a violet sky, the softest sandal breeze, orange peel, blackberry jam, honeysuckle blossoms twirling around an all-musk mountain top, with the chirping of jasmine all around.

This combination of aged genuine musk and finely matured wild-harvested artisanal oud oil is not just rare, it’s the only one of its kind. This fusion between two of the most sought after perfumery ingredients in the world, makes your knees buckle and your cheeks tingle. Bright, light and flirty, Borneo Zen has enough zest to wake you up and seize the day.

You pick up notes of citrus that you can’t quite put your nose on ‒  not lemon, not orange, pomelo, nor tangerine. The beauty of perfumery lies in the ability to create unique smells. Jasmarine is what I dubbed the scratch-your-head-this-is-so-familiar high note that leads you into the musky overtone of Borneo Zen.

Flowing with the cycle of your day, the jasmarine rays shine from dawn to midday, keep you driven and energized. Almost without noticing, you suddenly find yourself in the relaxing sway of a rose-musk duet as you approach sunset. Get home, throw off your shoes, get the kettle brewing, and quiet down. Enter the Oud.

Spaced out, trying to forget about the day for a second, a baritone breeze starts to blow around your shoulders, massaging, untying the knots. Sit back, relax and enjoy!” — Ensar Oud

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