EO Green


“Tuberose, blue lotus, jasmine… exquisite florals used not for the sake of just adding such tantalizing heart notes, but because of how they compliment this oudilicious elixir; how they swim in a fusion of Mysore from 2006, bitter, yuzu oil with a touch of castoreum. The combo’s yuzu crispness flows perfectly with the rare Irian Jaya cooling, incense green zest. And together, they move towards a uniquely sought-out chord…

A satisfying medicinal undertone, akin to what you find in fine Vietnamese agarwood, lines the citrus-sweet peppery cool and makes this zen attar at once easy to wear and therapeutic.

Calming, yet with a tenacious heart phase that projects nicely, gracing your nose with linear tenacity you wouldn’t expect from most perfumes. The anodyne allure of blue lotus is what made it so precious, and the way such a butter creamy warm aroma manages to imbue this green profile with that almost-anesthesia effect highlights what EO Green attempts to capture—and I’d think you’ll agree, captures accurately—the numbing bite of kyara.

The green dragon’s breath has haunted my oud distillations for years, and I haven’t managed to escape its grip. EO Green tackles the minty titillating cool—the green dimension—of kyara. Of course, it’s not anything quite like mint at all. If only it were, your job as perfumer attempting to extract even an echo out of agarwood’s most covetous kind would be that much easier.

But take a spritz, and I think you’ll agree…… you do smell it, don’t you?” — Ensar Oud

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