Khmer Kinam


Just as Agar Attar was an approximation of the ‘universal oud’ scent in the form of a readily wearable parfum, Khmer Kinam (aka Kinam Attar v2) is also an approximation of a pure agarwood (oud) scent. Except it’s not the scent of just agarwood, but the finest agarwood… Kinam.

Boasting 2 royal-level Agar Aura kinamic oud oils, Crassna and Sinensis oud oils were utilized, together with a few other essential oils to act as bridges and to amplify all the distinct characteristics and the true-to-life aroma of Khmer (Cambodian) red kinam.

Our Kinam Attar v1 was formulated to capture the aroma of Bruneian white kinam – the scent was camphoric, milky-sweet, and peppery-spicy. Although retaining the same dignified kinamic core, there are some unmistakable differences between white and red kinam worth noting.

Red kinam has a mouthwatering aroma of honey nut Cheerios drenched in strawberry milk (if you tried our Koh Kong 4K, you will have experienced this aroma firsthand). The spices are sweeter (less peppery, more cinnamic), and the sweet “cooked milk” aroma is fattier. In fact, raw red kinam wood is about as creamy and buttery as vintage Mysore sandalwood.

But as with Kinam Attar v1, this rendition also aims to capture the aroma of kinam smoke.
Once again it’s a very clean smoke, but it’s thicker, more ‘calorie dense’. Whereas Kinam Attar v1 had an overall sharper character, Khmer Kinam is slightly heavier and ’rounder’. A couple spritzes of Khmer Kinam on your garment and you will smell like you just scented yourself with the smoke of several thousands worth of kinam wood slivers.

What this parfum achieves is not only something every oud connoisseur has dreamed of owning in an easily wearable perfume, but also something many would gladly pay far more for.
Khmer Kinam is the scent of ultimate luxury.

Salient note: Khmer red kinam

Salient note: Khmer red kinam

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