Java is successor to our Hutan Kalimantan, an attar that was so popular that it was sold out almost instantly.

An engaging composition of bright and dark, jungly and earthy notes will have you constantly sniffing your wrist as Java takes you on a journey through the tropical jungles of Java.
Packed with balsams, tars, and wood oils, this is one long-lasting olfactory adventure.

Its all about jungly notes.
Bursting with soaring notes of balsams and lemongrass coupled with papyrus and patchouli, the top notes aren’t overwhelming as deep oud, earthy vetiver, fuzzy oakmoss and dark patchouli keep them balanced.

Without a doubt the key players in this composition are oud and vetiver. The contrast of bitter and sweet woody and leafy notes creates an engaging orchestra of scents that is sure to delight your nose and keep it thoroughly engaged.

There is no denying that there is something comforting about the scent of wood. Or the misty air in a jungle, carrying the scent of earth, wood, and foliage.
With one spritz of Java, you experience all of that.

Salient notes: earth, jungle, wood

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