EO No. 1


Leather and oud go together like king and crown, and there’s no sweeter spot between the rustic allure of Ensar’s artisanal—often mad—oud world and popular perfumery than this oudilicious addition to the cuir tradition. A rugged aroma that makes you wonder if Hemingway just lit up a Cuban, or if Churchill’s in town.

After 15 fragrant years, Ensar is finally taking off his jungle jacket for a tie, to dive headfirst into his debut spray perfume. He approaches perfume the way he does oud distillation. That’s why No 1 is composed of the rarest, most expensive ingredients in all of perfumery, including copious amounts of aged wild upper Assam oud.

Not only is this the highest quality oud fragrance that has ever been produced in spray-format, but the entire composition is also infused into a high-concentration, genuine raw ambergris tincture instead of just plain ethanol.

Top notes:
Rosewood, Lavender, Siam Wood, Nutmeg, Castoreum

Heart notes:
Thai Crassna, Himalayan, Turkish, French and Edward Rose, Jasmine, Tolu Balsam, Civet

Base notes:
Wild Aged Assamese Oud, Ambergris, Vintage Papuan Sandalwood, Tobacco, Vanilla, Treemoss, Ethiopian Frankincense

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