Eshu or Legba is a mischievous figure god of Yoruba people, Nigeria who knows all the languages spoken on earth and serves as the divine messenger between the gods and people. This creation is inspired by the late Alexander McQueen’s 2000 Fall Autumn collection called “Eshu” Juxtaposition of traditional tribal elements with a modern twist. Elements inspired by Yoruba people’s traditions and folklore of Yoruba creation myth juxtaposed with modern elements. Eshu is intensely rich, earthy, boozy with spicy nuances. Eshu is not to be missed for those who love powerful tobacco boozy fragrance.

Tobacco, hay, elemi, copaiba, olibanum, nutmeg, black pepper, castoreum, atlas cedar, oakmoss, cognac, ambroxan, norlimbanol, cinnamon, cumin seed, ash

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