Exponential Vanilla

Extremely Limited


The Idea 

The spread of vanilla follows an exponential curve hence the exponential vanilla name

Madagascar bourbon pure vanilla is produced from premium hand selected beans cultivated in Madagascar, the world’s leading supplier of the most exceptional highest quality vanilla.

The scent of the perfume vanille is a true delight with an incredible vanilla sillage. A true Woody balsamic vanilla With a touch of south-thailand agarwood
leave for an olfactory journey of exception.

Exponential vanilla presents an interpretation of An oriental vanilla woody, voluptuous and addictive
Such a deep rich Vanilla, a very fine quality from Madagascar. A dark and mysterious black vanilla

The perfumer wanted to convey a hidden side of this vanilla. In each bottle there are 13 bourbon vanilla pods. A touch of cocoa and sugar cane to keep the gourmet side Not to mention the captivating arabica coffee of the handuras.

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