Sunset in Assam

Limited Edition


Sunset in Assam – a perfume witch was in maceration since early 2023 till February this year, then I filtered it and became an official project, and a soul project also. What do we have here? An amazing quality Upper Assam Indian agarwood from Golaghat region custom distilled for this blend, kind of a traditional distillation without being too dark or dirty barny, Jinkoh Store just made sure that it’s suitable for this blend and reveals the notes needed to be revealed, a little of everything what Indian agarwood can offer, from the deep sweet resinous woody aroma to the dark leather, clean barn, and last but not least the chocolate drydown. What makes it special is the proportion of oud witch constitutes 60% of the blend and on top of it I added some Indian cacao pods absolute to the blend, accompanied by resins, cedarwood and little beeswax all dipped into Kashmiri musk grains for 13 months! Jinkoh Store used exclusively grains in this blend and didn’t add any bits of skin or other tinctures. Once the maceration was complete they filtered it and it was ready!

It’s a simple composition with a complex aroma which lasts and lasts and lasts and fills any room with your presence!

35% concentration extrait

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