Fleurs Blanches


Extrait de Parfum

“Today we present to you our first ode to one of the perfumers’ most beloved materials in the perfumers wardrobe, and that is Narcotic white florals.

A lot of people speak about the mind buzz people get from oud or Kyara or musk animalics, which is scientifically true, the same goes for incense, with all its various compositions and schools of production.
However, none of these materials were called Narcotic as in our honest opinion the mind buzz someone gets from smelling fresh narcotic white florals is unlike any mind buzz or narcotic effect. Its a beautiful heady note that causes one to stop in their place and want to sniff more, this usually happens a lot to me whenever there are any narcotic white florals around, specially tuberose, and lily of the valleys, i just stop and keep smelling and smiling.
As an example of extractions smelling way different than natural counterparts, many people may have smelt tuberose absolute, which unfortunately has a great degree of variation from the real smell of the flower due to the green smelling molecules that concentrate during production of the absolute. A lot of the other white floral absolutes smell very weak. This was solved by adding a lot of the enfleurage materials here.
In this composition, we used a scary (good scary) amount of white narcotic floral enfleurages, featuring jasmine, tuberose, frangipani, heliotrope, ylang ylang, tiare, lily of the valley, and many many more.
The whole composition is built around these white florals and there was a need to extend the life of these materials by adding a lot of orris and musk.
After several repetitions and iterations, it was found that one of the best ways to extend the life was to add a tiny amount of a musk fixative in order for the performance to be improved and after doing that, the whole composition performed really really well, the natural musk and the white florals couple together in an extremely narcotic way which makes the wearer shrouded in a cloud of narcotic white florals that last for a relatively long time.” —Elixir Attar
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