Nihon Ni Mori


Extrait de Parfum

Today we are proud to present to you our second perfume in the Japanese series of perfumes, the first being Spirit of Japan.

Nihon Ni Mori, or Japanese forest, represents different facets from those discovered in Spirit of Japan which was all about Japanese incense tradition.

Nihon Ni Mori opens with a blast of Japanese Hinoki, Yuzu, and Agarwood ketones.

Next comes the cherry blossom made by cherry blossom CO2 extracts and various white floral isolates, in addition to the beautiful rugosa, the Japanese rose-  the floral accord rests on Yakusugi (Japanese cedarwood), and Kuromoji, an amazing medicinal smelling plant, native only to Japan.

Next comes the spicy smokey Vietnamese, Maroke, and Chinese oud melange complemented very well by a blast of agarwood ketones from the top notes giving you a whole Kyara experience.

The tincture used for this composition is a pure deer musk tincture to improve longevity for the highly top note elements typically present in Japanese perfumes.” —Elixir Attar

Very Limited quantity.

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