Flora & Fauna


Eau de Parfum

Sumptuous, luxurious, delicate, and sensual; Flora & Fauna by Rogue is a masterpiece by a master artist of all-natural perfumery, Manuel Cross. Another audacious and daring chypre built on the classic combination of sparkling bergamot, resinous labdanum, and earthy velvety oakmoss. Flora & Fauna combines both classic and modern worlds in one bottle. A fascinating dose of mouthwatering and breathtaking dried apricot kissed by a sensual nuance of leather and layered with just a hint of animalic civet brings in the modern twist to a classic fragrance. Flora & Fauan is big and bold, non-overwhelmingly sophisticated, and incredibly enticing, captivating, and seductive. A chypre to die for…

Bergamot, labdanum, oakmoss, amber, dried apricot, civet, patchouli, soft leather

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