Garut Leatheroud

Limited Edition


Finally we made this!, the Revival of our very first Project, GARUT LEATHEROUD
This fragrance is what we called as Alpha male pheromone, its wild, its rough, its offensive, & its invasive yet you cannot resist the temptation it offer, deep down you know it is what you desire. Garut Leatheroud offer you the aroma of Strong Leather accord, composed from Cambodian oud, Nagarmotha, and Cedarwood. Complimented by the fixative property of Sandalwood, Patchouli, warm spicy woody base amber accord, benzoin & Musky accord composed of cocoa absolute, Tonka bean, Vanilla Oleoresin, Ambrette Seed. Top it all with Tobacco, Coriander and cinnamon. We present it to you, the complex fragrance that will give you new adventure, pushing you to new height.
P.s : please give it time to develope on your skin to fully understand and experience it full potential.
[Limited Bottles Available]
Concentration: 45%
Perfumer: Jaka Umbaran
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