Find Me In The Dark III

The Dark


30 ml Extrait Supreme


In this chapter 3, you decide the end of the story and thus the closure of Find Me In The Dark.

Choose “The Dark” to discover the dramatic ending.

The sky gets darker and the moon is no longer in sight, the only visible sign of colour is the dark green of the forest. A torrent crushes the surrounding greenery, a smell of mushroom and damp earth takes over. After a few minutes you appear to lose your sight and your sense of smell is your only guide.

It is impossible to leave the woods, notes of civet come to you like a thick poison clogging your veins.

The end comes, your heart slows down, the notes of patchouli and costus saturate your senses. Anosmic, the last thing to penetrate your nose is the shadow you have been trying to escape since your friend disappeared.


Olive, Tobacco, Dried Fruit, Cypriol, Civette, Mushroom, Oakmoss, Soil Tincture, Patchouli

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