Find Me In The Dark III

The Light


30 ml Extrait Supreme


In this chapter 3, you decide the end of the story and thus the closure of Find Me In The Dark.

Choose “The Light” to discover the happy ending.

The sky opens up and the sun breaks through the forest in which you are standing. A drizzle spreads over the surrounding foliage, you smell the scent of silver pine. After a few moments, it’s as if you can see again. The panorama finally takes on its full colour.

As you find your way out of the woods, the fruity notes come to your nose like sugar irrigating your brain.

The light is well and truly present, the aquatic and green notes are fading and giving way to a field of lavender. In the background, a house, some life and your returning to calm and security.


Honey, Apple, Lavender, Civette, Silver Fir, Incense, Benzoin, Oakmoss, Patchouli

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