Ghaliya 2022


Ghaliya 2022

Today we are proud to present to you one of our richest Ghaliyas to date. Ghaliya 2022.

Each year we kept a certain tradition of releasing a new Ghaliya attar and each time it has a unique thing or two to make it special. This year it has dozens of unique things.

On a base of ultra rich Tibetan musk maceration in one of the finest Mysore sandalwoods we ever came across, we added our in-house made ambergris and deer musk absolutes, saffron resinoid, and other extremely rare aromatics.

This was perfectly married with a huge dose of AlShareef Oudh’s Malaysian wild oud Al-Ameen, which blends so well with musk. We then added the very famous and extremely rare frangipani essential oil to a crazy bouquet of florals.

Our specially distilled Khao Yai oud was then added to the mixture to produce an incensey thick rich textured Ghaliya base.

Then, the base was laced with a special deer musk oil exudate produced by Ninjarobb, which adds an extra dimension to the ultra rich muskiness of this composition.

To those were added various materials of extreme potency to elevate the Ghaliya and give it an opening incense note.

You should expect this Ghaliya to be dark, extremely oudy, and incensey, it differs from our more sweet or floral Ghaliyas.

We don’t use sandalwood as a diluter either, its just added as a note capturing the smell of the Tibetan musk (grains come inside), so, while some attars are a 10%,20% perfume concentrate in sandalwood, THIS IS A CONCENTRATE with sandalwood as a component, except in rare occasions, that was always the case at Elixir Attar.

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