Ghaliya Rosarie


Extrait de Parfum (25% concentration)

We are honored to present to you our first Ghaliya attar in a spray format (pure parfum concentration). When we use the descriptor “Ghaliya”, we ensure that it has the most artisanal and rarest of the rare ingredients. A great deal of planning, care, and effort was put into this first spray attar-perfume of ours to make a Ghaliya spray perfume. Not only is it bothunique and rich; it is also as strong as its oil counterpart.

Ghaliya Rosarie attar-perfume has a whopping 30% concentration of oils not including the deer musk and ambergris tinctures, nor the saffron and frankincense resins.

This unique attar-perfume has 5 types of roses macerated with Kashmiri deer musk for two years, hence the name “Rosarie”(Rose Garden), but not just any rose garden. In our Rosariethere are Taif Roses, Hindi Roses, Omani Roses, Persian Roses, and Turkish Roses. Now, rose otto essential oil is one thing, but these aged, musk-infused artisanal distillations take the rose to heights that have never been reached in any type of perfumery.

It has a base alcohol tincture that has a massive 25% Mongolian and Chinese musk grains in it, in addition to a 10% super-white Celtic ambergris tincture from the famous Coronation ambergris. Now some houses use musk tinctures, never at these percentages, and never musk and ambergris together 🙂

Frangipani and Heliotrope enfleurage oils are used in very generous quantities to complement the floral bouquet heart of this Ghaliya. They work like magic with the musky rose accord. Elixir Attar is known for utilizing the uber- niche floral enfleurage oils, never before utilized in perfumery the way its done at Elixir Attar.

As for Arabian spices used, we extracted saffron – the finest grade quality saffron worldwide which comes from a region bordering between Afghanistan and Iran. We also used a special molecular distillation medicinal grade Hojari frankincense to add a spicy touch to GhaliyaRosarie’s sweet heart.

There is a touch of a vintage Mysore sandalwood oil, for a creamy, buttery, yet animalic drydown that is exquisite and aphrodisiac in its nature.

Speaking of the ouds used, this attar-perfume has a variety of vintage Indian private reserve Kalakassi and Hindi oud oils. The Kalakassi is a personal favorite and fuses seamlessly with the musk-rich animalic notes of Ghaliya Rosarie attar.

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