We live in an era where few people value handcrafted goods. We have been conditioned to purchase cheap products made in haste that swiftly find their way to the bin. Much of everything produced is of mediocre quality, ready for the dustbin after a few uses – this throw-away culture has become the norm and no genre of products have been spared.

Certain items are not merely disposable and should not be made cheaply or in haste. These items possess intrinsic, sentimental values so profound that they transcend the unfortunate consumer patterns that much of the world has adopted; Fragrance is one of those. Hastily concocted fragrances that are pumped out on a weekly basis cannot be trusted to provide the olfactory companionship needed in your life journey. Fragrances accompany us in the most intimate moments of our journey; the good, the bad and even times of celebration and mourning. As such they need to have the quality of character and resilience, the ability to support. carry and aiding us in the retention of the deepest of our memoirs.

From the Arabic word for rise ISHRAAQ pays tribute to the many nuances and shades of wild that resonate within the core of our existence. As humans our souls are silently connected to the wild around us; the chirping of birds, the song of crickets and the jagged splashes of waves crashing against the shore line…The wilderness is an orchestra our soul is intrinsically tuned to; its crescendo pure and freeing. ISHRAAQ celebrates nature’s wild ingredients utilising age old methods in a manner not experienced in modern times…giving rise to an exhilarating olfactory experience.

ISHRAAQ is a creation that brings to the modern world a perfume experience found in the compositions and styles of the courts of the Sultans and Amirs in the golden age of the Islamic Empire. Each Amir had several perfumers competing to produce the best of fragrances with no budget restrictions. Multiple talented pupils were at their service to grind, pound, filter, macerate and prepare whatever the master perfumer required. This race for excellence meant history’s most exquisite fragrances came from these perfumers, the likes of Al Ghaliyah which perfumers still try to mimic today.

ISHRAAQ was composed on the foundation of this heritage. Utilising the finest of natural wild ingredients, from animalic to florals and woods to resins, no money was spared. The aim was to produce a fragrance forming the crown jewel of any perfume lover’s collection, one that will embrace, engage, and be your companion and turn-to fragrance on every important occasion.

With every single ingredient prepared in the precise Al Shareef methodology, each component is elevated to a complex state of sophistication with multiple dimensions to provide the ultimate olfactory indulgence. Ishraaq rises to the occasion every time.

Top: Cardamom, Rose, Ylang Ylang
Middle: Musk, Ambergris, Lubaan, Myrrh, Spice
Base: Hindi, Indonesian and Malaysian Oudhs, Leather, Oriental Resin, Vetiver, Cedar

ISHRAAQ opens with regal wafts of middle eastern incense wrapped in Cuban sheets of cigar. Sprinkled with the spices of the east; cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and clove. It is carried forward like a silver feather on a soft breeze of animalic musk and frankincense. It wraps its warm myrrh arms around you in a close embrace and you then notice the Oudh and woods, what a sophisticated embrace! You are revisited by musk and touches of rose and ylang ylang deepening into a sensual whisper of musk and ambergris before settling into a luxury bed of Oudh and spice.

ISHRAAQ is your companion, your friend, your support, you can trust Ishraaq will rise to the occasion every time.

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