WARD is the Arabic word for Rose. Our Ward Parfum is a vibrant celebration of a rich legacy – Bulgarian and Taifi rose infused into Mysore Sandalwood with musk, oriental Amber resin, Shamaamah, Patchouli, Saffron and Spice all aged for months to craft the most sensual and mesmerising Rose Parfum you will ever lay your nose on.

Rose attars have always held a unique place in the tradition of Middle Eastern perfumery. Right from the Ummayad period, rose was utilised by both men and women of the court in the form of a rose butter and this continued all the way to the Ottomans. The Ottomans however, took the application of rose to a whole new level; they advanced and developed the formulation of rose attars to perfume royal courts, Mosques and even the Holy Ka’bah in Mecca. The very formula used currently to scent the Holy Sanctuary originated with the Ottomans.

At first whiff of Ward Parfum you begin to appreciate why royalty indulged in Rose Oil throughout the annals of History. Ward is our salute to this wonderful, timeless ingredient, the jewel of every garden – the magnificent rose.

WARD opens with a burst of green rose – a little of this parfum goes a long way with a huge projection. Followed closely by the citrus and crisp tops of the Taifi and Bulgarian rose, the middle of Ward is musky and powdery with the feel of a classic fragrance. Patchouli, saffron and spices play a sensual summer evening song in dulcet harmony.

Top: Bulgarian Rose, Patchouli
Middle: Oriental Amber Resin, Shamaamah, Saffron
Base: Musk, Sandalwood

The base of Ward settles to a lovely spicy Mysore note which is not monotonous but rather playful and lively.
Possessing a smokey, incense accord of rose which is not blossomy. WARD is an elegant expression of rose hinting of royal luxuries and the courts of Sultans. If I did not tell you it was rose you would not have even known, WARD has a level of sophistication that engages you, tugging at your heart strings to make you dance in joy.

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