Ghazipur in India is considered to be the original habitat of the Jasmine flower consisting of approximately 42 species with their varying olfactory characteristics. In Europe, Grasse in France is also world famous for Jasmine. It was first cultivated there as a gift from the Middle East to the French in 1548.

Our JASMINE is a classical rendition of the sensual Jasmine flower. Bringing the very experience of a true Attar which has been cooked utilising traditional alchemy to life in a parfum, Jasmine follows our unique attar composition methodology. A true ‘attar is never a mere compendium of differing ingredients carried out on a perfumers bench top. Traditionally, the ‘Attaar (Arabic term for perfumer) would distil and fashion their attars by co-distilling ingredients with a sandalwood base in special pots called deghs to produce a seamless fusion of harmonised notes. In lieu of large traditional deghs we utilised glass apparatus to mimic the complexity of attars with added projection and transition offered by the parfum format.

The sandalwood base is an essential part of attar-making and traditionally Mysore has been the go-to source. As alcohol is not used in traditional Arabic perfumery the process of utilising sandalwood as a medium allows for ingredients such as ambergris and musk to better fuse with other ingredients, Sandalwood oil too = works as a brilliant carrier that imparts a lovely woody end-note. Today the term attar is used more broadly to mean a Middle eastern or subcontinental fragrance composed of fragrant oils.

…And so loading the perfumers’ pot began: Mysore sandalwood, Siberian Musk, Iranian Zargol, Saffron and Jasmine to name a few of the key ingredients were cooked slowly at 70-90C to ensure the delicate notes of jasmine and saffron were undamaged.

For the Jasmine lovers, this is undoubtedly your calling; the Jasmine fragrance of Yesteryear. Opening with a gorgeously balanced jasmine note that has the slightest touch of dirty like the classics of the jasmine genre, the tune of jasmine dances into a powdery, musky Italian cedar. The middle and top notes of this attar are an absolute joy. Enchanting and inviting with musk and saffron as the stars. The parfum settles down to a sandalwood, leather and pine wood base layered with a patchouli and vetiver mist.

I could write a more detailed description but nothing equals to smelling this beauty direct, so don’t miss the chance of sampling this fantastic classic Jasmine fragrance. Jasmine fragrances done well are rare so this won’t last for long…

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