Juwita Malam

Limited Edition


Juwita Malam is an eccentric perfume inspired by a song Juwita Malam composed by Indonesian legendary composer and national hero, Ismail Marzuki. Juwita Malam, the lyrics in this song describe a person who falls in love at first sight with the hope that they will meet again, the initial meeting on the night train on the way to Jakarta. This song is often sung by musicians as a romantic accompaniment.

Sensual floral notes of roses, Jasmine and a touch of tuberose with Oudy backbone, Tobacco smokyness and leathery touch of Castoreum; Juwita Malam tells you a story of lustful one night stand.
French Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose, Ambrosia Tincture, Hay absolute, Beeswax absolute, Castoreum absolute, Tobacco tincture, Borneo Oud Oil
Concentration: 35% Pure Parfum
Perfumer: Jaka Umbaran
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