When Agar Aura’s attar Intiqa’ie was released, it got sold out almost instantly. The same happened when we released it’s spray version, Le Cheikh Bohème. People got hooked on the heady Middle Eastern flavors, all base yet hitting all chords high and low. If that’s how you like to roll, pull up your chair and read on…

Bold, rich, and unabashedly sumptuous, Karama is the posterchild ‘Arabian luxury’ fragrance, fusing elements from the western imagination of the genre with the strictly traditional.

Opening with a blast of Cambodian and Indian oud, along with rose, spices and saffron, the heady top notes flow into a warm heart of frankincense, and jasmine, along with crisp papyrus, doeskin leather, and tobacco. There are two types of tobacco notes in Karama: the aroma you smell when you crack open a pack of cigarettes, as well as the aroma of a decades-long well used pipe that has been sitting on a shelf for years (so don’t worry, no ash tray or birch tar notes here).
A rich base of amber and myrrh emerges slowly, with oud and tobbaco persistent to the end.

When exuding an aura of glam and grandeur is what you’re aiming for, Karama is the bottle you should be reaching for.

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