Given the success of Kinam Attar and Khmer Kinam, we are excited to unveil Kelantan; our first ever extrait that captures the true-to-life aroma of sizzling (non kinam) agarwood chips. This time, the aroma is that of fuming “super king” grade agarwood nuggets.

Kelantan is an ode to oud from the northeastern tip of Malaysia, the State of Kelantan Darul Naim (“the Abode of Bliss”).

Utilizing our in-house aged cinnamon and vanilla tinctures for the right kind of rounded creamy cinnamic aroma (far from the shrill tone of cinnamon essential oils and absolutes), Malaysian tea tincture to give that bellowing oomph to the bittersweet resinous tones, and the most scrumptious propolis extract that brings the super king grade velvety feel to life, Kelantan captures every facet of the wood perfectly.

There’s of course the lip-smacking cola that all species of Malaysian oud are well-known for.
An ethereal, mentholated aroma permeates the opening notes, identical to what you find in all of the highest grades – the best being super king grade – of Malaysian agarwood.
But Kelantan wood is primarily known for its pepper and orange shortbread notes, and they join the stage soon.
Then there’s the mouthwatering vanilla-cinnamon cake baking in the oven aroma – without exception, all super king grade agarwood regardless of provenance possess this aroma.
Chewy resinous and deep green jungly notes sing their melodies into the drydown.

The two most loved Oud scent profiles in the western hemisphere, by a mile, are Vietnamese and Malaysian. Few, though, have experienced what the aroma of the raw woods have to offer.
Kelantan gives you the chance to experience exactly that. A couple spritzes on your chest or garment, be prepared to be swept up and swirled away into the most fragrant reverie.

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