Khashab is Arabic for wood. But in the realm of scents it generally refers to Frankincense, and occasionally Oud. This blend incorporates both of these ingredients, and also includes essential oils extracted from other woods.

I had been toying with the idea of creating an all-wood blend for a while, and it finally bore fruition in the form of Khashab.

‘Woody’ is, naturally, the best way to describe this parfum. All the ingredients in this blend came from trees*. No florals or any other essential oils, and of course, no synthetics.
It’s all about tree resins, tars, woods, woods and more woods.

The scent of Khashab is very dynamic. Not only is it very complex and deep due to the very nature of wood extracts, but it actually smells different in different settings. So you might find it sweeter indoors and crisper outdoors, more creamy-woody when its warm and rugged when its cold. Khashab contains actual liquified resins aside from essential oils, and therefore changes in temperature is one of the easiest (and fun!) ways to enjoy different facets of this oil.

Rugged, dry and woody – be sure to always keep your bottle close at hand to satisfy your wood crave.

*some non-tree-derived ingredients were used in the tincture base (tonka bean, absinthe, etc.) to fit the aroma into a perfume structure.

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