Salient Notes: Leather, Oud, Rose


The oud-rose combo is just about the most common pair used in perfumes that contain oud.

But when it comes to western ‘oud’ perfumes, virtually all of them use synthetic oud. In Arabian oud-based mukhallats, real oud might be used but as a general rule, the lowest grades of oud are used. Then there’s the addition of synthetic musks, Iso E Super, and other aromachemicals – which is standard, in both traditions.

So what do you get when you blend the finest all-natural ingredients into an oud-rose combo? You get Layali. Incredibly deep oud oils were carefully blended to accentuate deep tobacco and dark leather accents, giving Layali a posh gentlemen’s club vibe. You can almost picture the tufted dark leather sofas, and teakwood cigar boxes sitting on top of dark mahogany tables.

One of the most difficult essential oils to work with, Davana, was meticulously fused with the ouds to produce a delectable plum brandy aroma – a note so addictive that you’ll find it hard to keep your wrist away from your nose.

There’s no musk of any kind (natural or synthetic) in Layali, another reason why it smells very different from all other oud-rose perfumes.
The blend is embellished with the most sensual white rose. The union is so seamless and perfect in every way that it completely redefines the oud-rose experience.

There’s oud-rose perfumes, and then there’s Layali.

Layali… Discover the gentleman in you.

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