Le Gantier d’Iran


Exclusive Blend Line
Limited Edition

Extrait de Parfum

“If you are reading this, then you are looking for a unique experience. And for that reason, we offer you the most creative of our blend. If it was just about the bottle… A daring blend of Iranian saffron in a more than generous dosage to excite your senses. Astonishingly frosty leathers and the melting of the most creamy white chocolate.

The glove maker of ancient times has no more secrets. I wanted to recreate the smell of new leather, produced by Iranian artisans in their small Persian workshop. Cold gloves whose lining caresses warm and delicate hands, decorated with gold and precious stones.” — A note from the nose

Top Notes: White Chocolate
Heart Notes: Spicy Saffron
Base Notes: Cold Leather

Attention: These bottles are hand painted in Switzerland on order. It means that you can experience a delay up to 21 days before we ship your product, hand painting needs sometimes several layering and requires special materials. We make our best to finish the pieces before the delay, please do not place an order if you can’t wait. Thank you!

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