Lèche Flamme


Exclusive Blend Line

Limited Edition

Extrait de Parfum

“Lover of dark and mystical fragrances, unleash an aura of smoke around you with this burning essence from Exclusive Blend. Straight out of the flames, let the madness of cognac speak with a generous dose of dried fruit. Through those flames, the tobacco catches fire and forms itself in its most powerful nature – Burnt!

“Birch Tar is one of my favourite materials, coupled with Guaïacwood and smoky essences, impossible to resist. Nevertheless, the sweet tobacco reveals impressive facets and blends perfectly with the fruity scents once it is drowned in Cognac.” — A note from the nose

Top Notes:
Dry Fruits, Sweet Tobacco
Heart Notes:
Smoke, Cognac
Base Notes:
Birch Tar, Guaiacwood

Attention: These bottles are hand painted in Switzerland on order. It means that you can experience a delay up to 21 days before we ship your product, hand painting needs sometimes several layering and requires special materials. We make our best to finish the pieces before the delay, please do not place an order if you can’t wait. Thank you!

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