Le Cheikh Boheme


The inspiration of this perfume was the fantasy of a mid-century Arab sheikh who struck black gold, discovered the dazzle of French perfume on his first trip to Paris and embraced it fully, but didn’t abandoned the heavy flavors of his own perfume tradition either.

A marriage between Eastern and Western perfumery, Le Cheikh Bohème is the spray version of our popular oil parfum “Intiqa’ie” – Arabic for ‘eclectic’ – a fusion of French perfumery with an utterly traditional Arabian core.

Many got to sample Intiqa’ie when it was released and loved it, but didn’t manage to get a full bottle. Among those who tried it was a Saudi prince, who ended up buying the entire batch – the reason for the empty spot on many a collector’s shelves.

This is Intiqa’ie in spray format, but a strong all-natural coumarin tincture base takes it to a whole new level.

To provide an engaging contrast with the bright and fresh Fougère facets, two base-heavy oud oils form the core of this perfume. A heavy dose of oakmoss keeps the Chypre character alive, and there’s plenty of labdanum which not only reinforces the leather note but also flows it seamlessly into the more Arabian elements. Sizzling frankincense, rich spices and ambery tones form an enchanting bed on top of which lies the leathery and mossy Chypre structure. Crowning it are rose otto, mimosa extract and citrus.

Despite being a very oud-heavy perfume, you’ll be amazed by how friendly the aroma, a result of the careful layering of oud with the other elements. It fits so perfectly into the western perfumery structure that you would feel comfortable wearing it anywhere. And yet, it has elements so exotic and traditionally Arabian that your scent trail will capture the awe and attention of everyone you pass by.

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