Bois D’Agar Tres Tres Noir


“I need 4 different types of agarwoods to reach the darkness I had in mind. A cultivated Vietnamese and a Cambodian soaked for 14 months in a tincture of sweet and fruity Trat agarwood. The magic take place when it’s mixed together with a 25 years old – dark and spicy – Cambodian oud.” –Jimmy Bodin (The Nose).


Agarwood (Cultivated, Vietnam), Agarwood (Cambodgia), Agarwood (Trat), Agarwood (Aged Cambodian), Manuka (New Zealand), Nagarmotha (India), Gurjun Balsam (India)

The Craftsmanship:

“To fit with my inspiration, I have handcrafted the bottle with a powdery black paint to give it a darker aspect, each one is unique.
I have handcrafted the box with shiny black spatter to remind the dark oud oils I have used to fabricate this perfume.” –Jimmy Bodin (The Nose).

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